July, the 10th, 2015.

Today, 9 years after we kicked-off OnCast, we have a lot to celebrate and a very important message to share.

OnCast has provided software outsourcing development for several industries, ranging from financial, retail and education to energy, telecom and gaming. We've worked with the most advanced software development methods and technologies up to date, and we've helped to infect the culture of several other companies.

We're happy to have helped the world of software development to improve with millions of lines of code, thousands of automated tests and hundreds of software solutions. More than that, we evolved the way software is developed by pushing it to the state of the art. We've described that in a Software Engineering Model that we called The Lean Pyramid.

Our Casters (how we used to call ourselves) have trained hundreds of people and have spoken at dozens of major national and international conferences. Some of them we have co-founded and co-organized as well, which eventually became the most important gatherings for software enthusiasts in their region.

All that has given us a great deal of experience of what to do and what not to do when building a software company. We've learned a lot and we feel that it's time to take advantage of all that priceless learning to do it better.

Therefore, we're closing a cycle for OnCast in order to be able to start a new cycle. As we've learned that focus matters, we are shutting down OnCast so that we can thrive in the future.

To all those who were part of our history, specially to those who earned the right to become a Caster (and once a Caster always a Caster), my sincerely big THANK YOU. I have no better words to explain how YOU were important to us!


Samuel Crescêncio
Founder and CEO OnCast